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An RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”) feed for a web page is a condensed or summary version of the items on that page.  A user can “subscribe” to the feed and use a “feedreader” program or website to read that content, and the information from many other feeds, all in one place.  It allows users to see when a website has added new content, and to see a summary of that content to decide if they want to read the full version.

On Senator Simitian’s website, there are two feeds: one for press releases and one for “Joe in the News” items.  Whenever an item is added in either of these two categories, the appropriate feed is also updated.  If you subscribe to these feeds, you can see a summary of new items as they appear on the site, then use the provided links to read the full item.  To use these feeds, simply copy the URL of each feed into your feedreader. 

Constituents and press contacts alike are invited to subscribe to these feeds to stay informed about Senator Simitian’s legislation and upcoming activities. 

If you have any questions, please call Senator Simitian’s District Office at (650) 688-6384.